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Phone 951-746-8046
Fax 951-924-5413

E-mail: jfyc.ca@gmail.com

Our mission is to provide compassionate service and quality product with the upmost discretion for all of our patients.


Complete the "New Membership Form" found under 'application' or call us at
951-746-8046 (we do not accept calls from blocked or restricted numbers).

Provide us over the phone your name, address, date of birth, and info from your Dr. recommendation.

We will verify your info and provide you with a delivery time (usually between 20-30 mins).

When the driver arrives, he will need to see the original recommendation from your doctor, along with your driver's license.

Fill out the membership application and agreement. Sign and date each. (approx. 2 mins). Save time by completing ONLINE.

Once approved for membership, you will now be allowed to view, touch, and smell current
strains available to our members!

Go to "Weedmaps" and post a review about your experience!

Minimum delivery amount is 1/8 or $45 in edibles, pre-rolls, or concentrates to Moreno Valley, Riverside, and immediate surrounding areas. Other surrounding areas may be subject to a $10 delivery charge.

Delivery wait times are ONLY estimates. Drivers may encounter unexpected delays. PLEASE feel free to call for status updates.

All our drivers are volunteers. Please be kind.

Just For You Caregivers Inc is a CA registered non-profit mutual benefit corporation. We operate in strict compliance with CA State Law Prop. 215 (HS11362.5). Medical marijuana delivery is available for CA residents with a doctors written recommendation for medical marijuana only.

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